We are Champions

Hi my name is Nicole…

I opened Champion Building Products to offer wholesale flooring and building supplies direct to Western New York contractors and their customers.

It seems in our industry, as in most these days, the professionals and experts,(the installers and contractors) have been left out of the sales process, and this is no exception in the flooring industry. The best the consumer can hope for is getting lucky with a product they order over the internet (and we all have heard of horror stories of that). Or catching someone in the box store flooring department that hasn’t gone on break, and has no experience in flooring because they normally work in the plumbing department. 

You get what I mean and so do consumers looking for real discounts on quality, and service that only dealing directly with the contractor or installer (the experts) can provide.  

I opened Champion Building Products to cater to the contractors and installers with exclusive flooring products at wholesale pricing. Our Contractor showroom is available for you and your customers to provide FAST, knowledgeable service for you and your customers.  

My service and products are for your customers who want value in the products they purchase and no hassle service that only the professional experts of our business can provide.